How did IDEX partners mark International Women’s Day 2017?

By Angela Jia-Yin Ng, Communications and Fundraising Fellow

Yesterday we shared a few womxn figures who inspire us. Today, we are immensely inspired by all our partners‘ strength and courage in speaking truth to power on International Women’s Day and every day!

Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez (AFEDES) – Guatemala

IDEX partner AFEDES marched proudly with the National Weavers Movement to advocate for the protection of collective intellectual property rights of indigenous weavers. Here are a few pictures from their march:


“Indigenous women demand the state to protect our Mayan weaving and dress-wear.” Photo:




“For the protection of our collective intellectual property as indigenous peoples. Yes to the Bill 5247.” Photo:


Text in center poster: “It’s OUR weaving. It’s OUR work. WE decide.” Photo:

Watch a video clip of the rally here

We stand in solidarity with AFEDES and with indigenous weavers as they fight to get recognition for their work!

Connect with AFEDES on Facebook and learn more about them!

Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS) – India

IDEX partner GRAVIS wrote a blog post that reflected its work with women and girls in the Thar Desert.


Members of a self-help group which GRAVIS supports.

“The 2017 International Women’s Day Campaign theme, Be Bold for Change, is the latest in the annual effort to spur more gender equality across the globe. At GRAVIS, our focus lies at the center of outreach to women. They range from setting up self help groups that allow members to combine their money to support each other’s business endeavors to providing agricultural technologies that eliminate the long walk for water typically designated to women to setting up schools that make it easier for girls to receive an education.”

In their blog post, GRAVIS reflected on how they have opened doors for students to build their livelihoods and literacy, improved girls’ ability to go to school by increasing local access to clean water sources, and built community for women looking to learn financial tools.

We are inspired by their care for their community and their commitment to the women and girls with whom they work.

Connect with GRAVIS on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about them!

Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD) – Zimbabwe

IDEX catalyst grantee IYWD celebrated International Women’s Day by organizing a commemorative march in Mazowe, Zimbabwe.

IYWD International Women's Day Commemorations 2017, Photo:

Poster for IYWD’s International Women’s Day Commemorations 2017 in Mazowe, Zimbabwe. Photo:

Over 100 young women ended up coming together and marching (and singing and dancing) from the Mazowe District Assembly’s Office to Dandamera Shops!

IYWD also released a statement that was published in a local newspaper:

“The Institute for Young Women and Development (IYWD) joins fellow sisters, mothers and daughters in commemorating International Women’s Day…We honour women living in Zimbabwe who take pride in their womanhood.

“Key to the struggle for social transformation are the young women and girls residing in the rural, farming and mining communities who have been daring in crossing the line, mobilising each other so that they speak with one voice.

“We remain resolute, steadfast and passionate in championing their gender agenda. #BEBOLDFORCHANGE”

As IYWD celebrates the courageous women that they know, we are inspired by their joyous action, by their love for one another, and by their respect for their SHEROES.

Connect with IYWD on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about them!


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