Fundraising Vision


At IDEX, fundraising for social and economic justice, and international human rights, uses a combination of: financial courage, best practices, ethical relationships, creative strategy, and cultural competence. We also understand that fundraising does not solely depend on individual altruism but also on strategy and education of the issues at hand.

Therefore we know there are diverse motives that bring people to a cause or social movement. We want to respect the path taken by an IDEX donor, or prospective donor, in committing to our organizational mission and to the grantee partners.

That said, it is our greatest hope that fundraising be experienced at IDEX as an invitation to support grassroots solutions to issues around the world. Simultaneously, we invite our donors’ curiosity to learn, explore, and affect global society through the sharing of their resources and volunteer time as a part of the IDEX community.

  • One of our core competencies is to acknowledge a donor’s gift as a process and not merely as a transaction. Behind every gift is a story and contains the personal impulse to do good in the world.
  • We want to receive every donor’s gift with the fullest gratitude and respect—regardless of its size, its frequency, its origin, or designation. However we will follow a gift acceptance policy to better guide us and better serve the philanthropic partnership in general.
  • Our database will accurately document our constituencies and their contributions to IDEX. All donor information will be treated with equal consideration and privacy regardless of economic or social stature.
  • We will teach, inspire, and motivate activism for social justice by fundraising consistent with IDEX values.
  • We will help families, individuals, foundations and corporations create a tradition of “giving” by creating multi-year gift opportunities, which match our multi-year commitment to grantee partners.
  • We’ll treat any knowledge gained from our donor community with sensitivity and appropriateness when used for our fundraising purposes.
  • We’ll memorialize all supporters that contributed time, talent, and resources to IDEX’s mission in a manner respectful and appropriate to the organization.
  • It is our privilege to engage with the public for the noble purpose of raising money and receiving resources for IDEX’s mission.
  • IDEX staff and board members will be vigilant and transparent in our fundraising reporting on behalf of the organization, the public, and our grantee partners per IDEX’s values and ethics, as well as per the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Code of Ethics.

Furthermore, we agree as an organization that the charitable gift transaction can be as much a personal journey as a practical response to community needs. Because of this, we believe that fundraising methods must be flexible, culturally competent, and relationship-based.

We’d be happy to talk to more about our fundraising model or provide you with more information about giving to IDEX. Please contact Rajasvini Bhansali, IDEX’s Executive Director, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 415-824-8384 ext. 101.