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The Buen Vivir Fund is the collective response of IDEX (soon to be Thousand Currents) and our partners to the need for a truly transformative brand of impact investing. Together, we are designing forms of investment that support grassroots economic initiatives to build wealth, community power and well-being.

Based on the concept of buen vivir—which comes from Latin American indigenous movements and implies “right living” or life in balance with community, natural systems and future generations—the Buen Vivir Fund seeks to promote financial models and practices that support communities’ holistic well-being, as opposed to focusing solely on maximizing individuals’ capital accumulation.

Members of AFEDES, the Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez, in Guatemala. Members of AFEDES, the Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez, in Guatemala.

Members of AFEDES, the Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez, in Guatemala.

Rather than imposing terms and models designed by investors, the Buen Vivir Fund aims to flip this traditional approach on its head: The Fund investment model is built upon identifying lending practices developed by grassroots groups themselves and which are already proving effective on the ground, and to uplift and apply these practices to the level of a global investment fund.


The latest on the Buen Vivir Fund:


Buen Vivir Fund Founding Circle

In its pilot phase, the Buen Vivir Fund is bringing together a “founding circle” of investors, grassroots groups, and ally-advisers. IDEX is partnering with Transform Finance on this initiative. IDEX is honored to announce that all of these people and organizations have been selected for their exceptional commitment to, and leadership in, developing forms of investment that support people, communities and the earth to thrive.


1. Dietel Partners
2. Libra Foundation, with Pi Investments
3. NoVo Foundation
4. Regenerative Finance
5. Swift Foundation
6. Tan Giving
7. Wallace Global Fund
8. The Whitman Institute


  1. Guatemala: AFEDES: Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez
  2. Guatemala: ISMU: Institute for Overcoming Urban Poverty
  3. India: GRAVIS
  4. Mexico: CIELO: Federación Indígena Empresarial y Comunidades Locales de México
  5. Mexico: DESMI: Social and Economic Development for Indigenous Mexicans
  6. Mexico: EduPaz
  7. Mexico: Ñepi Behña
  8. Nepal: Women’s Awareness Center Nepal
  9. South Africa: Ubunye Foundation
  10. South Africa: Whole World Women Association


  1. Fred Berkowitz & Sasha Rabsey
  2. Cynthia Jaggi, GatherWell & Living Economy Advisers
  3. Brendan Martin, The Working World
  4. Whitney Mayer, Hershey Company
  5. Movement Generation
  6. Carmen Rojas, The Workers Lab
  7. Jorge Santiago, expert and author on solidarity economy
  8. RSF Social Finance
  9. Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds

3 Responses so far.

  1. […] IDEX / Thousand Current’s page on the Buen Vivir Fund […]

  2. It was intresting to see IDEX work and particularly support on social eqity through Buen Vivir Fund to the grassroot organizations.

    Our organization WEMIHS in Kenya inititiated a Village development fund (VDF) that is community driven and directly benefiting the most vulnerable through investmetn of their own assets.

    I would appreciate some more information on how best VDF can partner in the Buen Fund to help scale up the successful VDF fund experience to marginalized communities in Kenya.

    Wairimu Mungai
    Executive Director

  3. Stephanie de Wolfe says:

    Hello Wairimu!

    Thank you for your enthusiasm. Indeed, the work WEMIHS has done to make the VDF possible has had a powerful impact on your community and there is overlap in the work of the Buen Vivir Fund.

    In year 1 of the pilot of the Buen Vivir Fund (BVF), IDEX continues to learn from the founding members of BVF, and that learning is informing how the BVF will grow and expand to engage new partners.

    As we continue to converse about Africans in the Diaspora’s integration with IDEX, let’s add this to our agenda and discuss any questions you may have about the BVF. In the meantime, please continue to read on the blog about the Fund!

    Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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