The problems associated with poverty are intertwined. So are the solutions.

The problems associated with poverty are intertwined. So are the solutions.

In the Global South and around the world, visionary women, youth and indigenous leaders at the local level are creating and implementing innovative initiatives to transform our food systems for the better, build wealth in their communities, and fight for true climate action.

Food Sovereignty

Problem: Our global food system, dominated by corporate-driven agriculture practices that push out small-scale farmers, is broken and has dire economic and environmental consequences.

Solutions: People are encouraging sustainable and organic food production methods, organizing to sell their products collectively for fair prices, and lowering costs while improving the quality and quantity of their yields. Read more.

Alternative Economies

Problem: Around the world, unjust and unsustainable economic systems have created massive inequality, leaving about 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. That means they earn less than $1.25 a day. Poverty is not just a lack of income. Those living in extreme poverty also are shut out from accessing education, land, health care and other resources they need to move out of poverty.

Solutions: People are reimagining wealth and putting people and planet before profit through alternative economic models, building skills to get the maximum use out of existing land and other resources, and gaining access to loans and affordable credit. Read more.

Climate Justice

Problem: Unchecked resource consumption has led to an environmental and climate crisis that threatens our planet and our collective futures. The world’s poor contribute the least to this problem but are the most impacted by erratic weather patterns and increasing natural disasters, often facing the loss of land, water and livelihoods they need to sustain themselves and their families.

Solutions: People are reducing their communities’ vulnerability to disaster, teaching sustainable grazing and farming practices, challenging polluting industries and advocating against man-made climate threats—and leading true climate action. Read more.


Women, youth and indigenous communities living and working closest to these problems are the source of the solutions. By investing in the grassroots leaders on the front lines, we can achieve a just and sustainable world for all of us.

Join us in championing the visionary local leaders, organizations and movements making a global impact.