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Gillian Wilson, Communications Director

How Did I Get Involved With IDEX?
If I’m being honest… I was bored. I was staring unproductively at a blinking cursor all day, trying to write my final MBA project. Frankly, I needed to get out.

I started looking online for volunteer positions. My search parameters: international, women, poverty, weekdays, and critically, less than one mile from my home! Okay, I would have expanded the distance if necessary, but happily IDEX popped up. I submitted my volunteer application and I embarked on a new stage of my life.

Why Am I Still Involved?
That was December 2002. I’ve had many roles at IDEX since then and occasionally get asked why I stay.

It’s simple: IDEX methods, to create lasting solutions to poverty, work.

There is no quick fix: the causes of poverty are complex. Ending poverty takes time and many pieces of the puzzle need to be addressed. IDEX understands this and works with communities that have an integrated approach to tackling poverty.

IDEX’s approach challenges the status quo that leads to endemic poverty. We support people as they learn new skills, grow their income, become involved with their community, change laws and begin to dream about future possibilities.

As a kid I would often protest to my Dad, “That’s not fair!” at some new injustice. His response was always frustratingly the same, “Life’s not fair”. No one would argue with him, on that point at least, but that’s no reason not to strive for fairness.

I work at IDEX because it allows me make the world a fairer place.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Gil,

    Who would of thought that being bored could bring you a career path towards greater good!


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