Ma’s Milk Soup


This recipe demonstrates that it’s the love put into the cooking, not the ingredients themselves, that remains.

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Pilar’s Corn Tortillas


Growing up as the child of farmworkers in California, Pilar Gonzalez found energy in these “mighty little discs of corn love,” or folded, hot, corn tortillas.

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Teblet’s Misir Wot


Solome Lemma, AiD’s founder and executive director, shares her mother Teblet’s recipe for misir wat, a popular spiced red lentil stew from Ethiopia.

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Guatemalan Amaranth and Vegetable Soup


Ever had amaranth? Its seeds are cooked and used like a grain, much like quinoa. Recognized for its high nutritional value, the leaves are also edible, like this healthy soup shared with us today by Asociación de Mujeres Ixpiyakok (or Ixpiyakok Women’s Association, ADEMI), a new IDEX grantee in Guatemala. On a recent site visit, […]

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Traditional Peruvian Pachamanca


More than a meal or a banquet, the traditional Peruvian pachamanca is a community ritual in the Andes that brings families and neighbors together.

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Gratitude…beyond human calculation

Milvan Aspuac of IDEX partner AFEDES in Guatemala greets other indigenous food producers at the conference.

What we have at IDEX to be grateful for this year is…life itself.
A special Thanksgiving message of gratitude from Rajasvini Bhansali.

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Gratitude Butternut Squash Soup


This deliciously creamy fall soup, with sweetness from the apples and earthy savoriness from the squash, is a lovely way to start a Thanksgiving feast if you’re gathering with family and friends.

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Yeshica’s Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets


These delectable fried croquettes were a favorite of many people in IDEX’s Regional Director for Africa Yeshica Weerasekera’s community growing up in Sri Lanka.

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Vini’s Haldi Doodh


Vini relies on this home remedy for both wellness and a great night’s sleep, as well as a cure for colds, cough, and congestion.

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Prize-Winning South African Bunny Chow


A dish to share with your friends! South African bunny chow consists of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry. To eat this, you break off hunks of the bread-loaf top to sop up the goodness within. Yum!

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