IDEX invests in initiatives led by the women, youth, and indigenous people who are solving our world's most pressing problems. Supporting grassroots leaders in the Global South creates lasting, transformative change - a world with...

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Food Sovereignty

...where everyone has access to healthy and sustainably grown food.

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Alternative Economies which all communities not only have economic security, but prosperity.

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Climate Justice

...with healthy and equitable ecosystems that can sustain an abundance of life.

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Our Community

"IDEX truly focuses on helping grassroots groups build sustainable organizations that are dedicated to empowering community members." ~Kellye Denton, a long-term IDEX volunteer

"IDEX goes to the most remote and neglected places and finds organizations that don’t yet have the kind of funding they need, but have potential to grow." ~Susan Kahn, IDEX supporter

"IDEX’s work felt even more ‘real’ to me while visiting their partner ASHA in Nepal. I could see how effective they are in providing grassroots leaders with the fuel to do even more." ~Ravi Agarwal, IDEX donor

"My experience as a donor and volunteer for IDEX has been an education in values-driven philanthropy." ~Jonah Silas Sheridan, IDEX donor and volunteer

The latest from the IDEX blog

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Knowledge as Liberation

“Producing, lifting, reclaiming, and sharing this rooted and deep knowledge feels, sounds, and dances like …

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3 years in, still fightin...

The Collective Action of Maize is fiercely defending a class action lawsuit to permanently deny …

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AFEDES goes to Guatemala&...

AFEDES is demanding their right to intellectual property for their Mayan weaving textiles designs.
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CCDA Public Statement: Mu...

Daniel Choc Pop, Q’eqchi community leader and Peasant Farmer Committee of the Highlands (CCDA) organizer …

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¿En qué se convertirá ...

No importa que nombre tengamos, el corazón de nuestro trabajo seguirá siendo el mismo.