IDEX identifies, evaluates, and grows the best ideas to alleviate poverty & injustice, connecting passionate and engaged supporters to visionary local leaders & organizations around the world.

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Women's Empowerment

Empowering women is central to the mission of IDEX and our partners. It also happens to be the most effective way of fighting poverty.

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Local Economies

Building local economies means giving people the opportunity to succeed and build a future for themselves and their families.

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Environmental Justice

IDEX has long-standing relationships with communities that are already feeling the effects of climate change. It's time to take action.

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Our Supporters

"I like how IDEX very carefully selects who they want to work with. IDEX goes to the most remote and neglected places and finds organizations that don’t yet have the kind of funding they need, but have enough internal structures and potential to grow." - Susan Kahn, IDEX supporter

"My experience as a donor and volunteer for IDEX has been an education in values driven philanthropy." - Jonah Silas Sheridan, IDEX donor and volunteer

"While travelling last year in Nepal, I was able to visit with ASHA, a long-time IDEX partner. It was then that IDEX’s work felt even more ‘real’ to me. I could see how effective the grants are in providing grassroots leaders with the fuel to be able to do even more in their communities." - Ravi Agarwal, IDEX donor

"IDEX truly focuses on helping grassroots groups build sustainable organizations that are dedicated to empowering community members." - Kellye Denton, a long-term IDEX volunteer